There’s a new year coming, and I have had an urge to reboot my old web site. Files have been purged, colours have been changed, and I’m starting fresh.

I haven’t published any fiction or poetry in more years than I can count. Correction: a little bit has been published, but I haven’t sold a piece in ages. Every paid published page I’ve produced in the last few years has been on portfolio, program, or project management. I need to get back in the habit of writing on other topics, so this blog needs the dust blown off it.

Here’s the challenge: my personal web site has usually been branded and consistent. The last three years have been all about moving away from a world powered by gas, highlighting electric vehicles and solar energy and related subjects. I am still interested in all of those concepts, but if I want to get back into writing again, I need to be less restrictive on topics. So branding and consistency are going to take a break for a year while I try and jump-start my writing again.

I wiped the slate clean. The goal is to write about whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. For those of you that know me, that means that over the next year, you can expect the topics to range far and wide, as I enjoy anthropology, comics, conservation of apex predators, gender politics, space exploration, foodstock biodiversity, dance, and really elegant machinery. My head is pretty much a magic 8-ball, sending me off on a different research tangent each night. If you’re going to follow the blog, buckle in, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Content that overlaps into the philanthropy side will be diverted to The Pale Blue Dot Foundation where it belongs.

I’m not going to fuss too hard on getting the posts just right. If it looks like non-fiction, it’ll be accurate as far as I can manage, but I’m not going to remember to correctly footnote and attribute everything (although I will do my best to point at major sources). If it looks like memoir stuff, it’s only as accurate as my memory of the events go (and I have already learned that when I compare stores with family members at the same events, we remember things differently). If it looks like fiction, it didn’t get edited the way it should have. The point is to type and hit publish, over and over, until my head gets out of the way and I can start working on some serious fiction and poetry again.

For those of you that choose to rummage through the odd buffet of posts that come… best of luck!

If this goes well, at some point, I’m going to get unblocked and actually start writing the stories I wanted to get out into the world. Here’s hoping!