The funny thing about these challenges is that I now have a way to track how long a pair of running shoes lasts me before the soles wear through. It’s about 700 kilometres. Saucony and I have a long-term relationship, and it looks like I need to go invest in my next pair of shoes.

This one is close in theme to how I started earning the distance. I started Kruger National Park (South Africa) while I was actually on safari in the Masaai Mara National Park (Kenya). Okay, sure, they a fair chunk of the continent apart, but a lot closer to each other than they are to me.

Kruger National Park Virtual Challenge takes you on a 50 mi (80 km) route across one of the largest wildlife reserves in South Africa. The app lets you explore what is known as the home of the Big 5: leopards, rhinos, lions, elephants, and buffalos.

Why did it take me so long to finish this one? I got sick when I came back from Kenya, and my walks declined to the length of my condo. I have since stopped barking like a fur seal all day long, and I am back to covering between 5 and 10 kilometres a day. Huzzah!