I am not in Hawaii, but sure would like to be. I remember a while back I was planning to go to Tahiti… do some diving, buy some vanilla, maybe do a vow renewal. That trip never ended up happening (well, it hasn’t happened yet, maybe it will one day).

Sorry, I got distracted.

Here’s where I admit that for the first time since starting this journey to better health, I am struggling. According to my app, I’ve logged more than 3,275 kilometres since I started this reward system. I walk the prescribed distance, I get a shiny medal. Up until recently, the system was working perfectly. Any day when I couldn’t log 5 kilometres before I started work made me grumpy. I had established a new behavioural norm, one that I missed when it wasn’t present. I began fighting to preserve my walking time, carving out some time for my health. My weight has remained stubbornly stable, refusing to budge, but I did not stop trying. I steadily racked up the distance, and every so often, a medal arrived in my mailbox. I even did a series of five Lord of the Rings challenges with my husband, Michael.

All good. Progress. So why am I having trouble now? My motivation remains there… I’m willing to log the distance to get the shiny trinket. I have a list of what challenges I plan to do next. I’m buying a pack of five challenges. I remain committed to this path.

A mix of health and environment is making it harder. I got sick. I’m on week eight of a cough that has made it hard to get outside for walks. In spite of this, I’m still trying to get out, only to be confounded by either work or bad weather. I’ve been glaring sullenly at the elliptical (much better at burning calories, stunningly awful when translated to kilometres). Maybe I should work on a display solution… get all those medals some place I can see them instead of sitting in a bedside table drawer. Maybe I should just stop coughing.


So here’s the plan: I bought a pair of black snakeskin leggings, because then I will look very rock and roll as I walk past everyone, coughing my lungs out. I’m at least as mobile as Keith Richards.

Mock my solution if you will. I feel a great deal like The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.

The Velveteen Rabbit