Power is everything in Westeros, and to claim The Iron Throne, you must prove your worth. This is part of a series of Game of Thrones-themed challenges. I get to tackle the first four challenges in any order I like, but the ultimate challenge, The Iron Throne, can only be unlocked once I have completed all other 4 challenges.

One of the last Targaryens, Daenerys embarks on a mission to reclaim her family’s kingdom and sails towards Dragonstone, the ancient fortress that was once her home and shall now be the birthplace of her true power. I am going to follow Daenerys Targaryen 372 kilometres (231 miles) from Pentos to Dragonstone, as she builds her army and becomes the leader she was born to be.

I’m in it for the medals, and this one comes with a themed rack. How could I resist? It’s been a bit harder than usual. The treadmill and elliptical are back in storage while the basement is being renovated. As the temperatures drop, it’s harder to get out for walks, so the last 400 or so kilometres took longer than usual. I think as a reward for myself, I’ll make a tea and watch Peter Dinklage in Cyrano.

Celebrate your achievement with a stunning medal that pays homage to the might of Daenerys Targaryen. This medal features The Dothraki Horse Gate, a testament to her transformation from a meek pawn to the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea.

But that’s not all – there’s a surprise waiting to be discovered within the medal. Open it up to retrieve a dragon egg engulfed in flames, symbolizing the birth of her beloved dragon children. The medal will be mailed to you upon completion of the challenge, guaranteed to stand out in your medal collection.