I’m doing the Te Araroa Virtual Challenge on the short route of only 160 kilometres (100 miles), instead of the full version (more appropriate for bicycling). I am reminiscing about our recent trip to New Zealand. Also, uhm… there was a competition whereby if I signed up for this challenge, I would get a chance to win a trip to New Zealand. Which seemed like a good idea.

Te Araroa—New Zealand’s Trail—is a continuous 3,000 km walking track from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It is the ultimate Kiwi experience. You can take months to walk the whole thing, or a few hours or days to walk a local segment. Over your lifetime, everyone can walk the length of New Zealand. Te Araroa is a different kind of trail from traditional back-country tramping tracks. It connects people, towns and cities. You’ll meet all New Zealand’s people, animals and plants. You’ll visit marae, take in our culture, eat local foods, and stay with caring families. The track showcases everything New Zealand has to offer. Te Araroa starts and finishes on the edges of New Zealand’s seas. Along the way, you explore New Zealand’s beaches, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys.

If anyone has been following along and is interested in giving them a try, you can get 10% off your first entry with my referral link: https://www.theconqueror.events/r/KO3654

Update:  I didn’t win the draw.

Further update:  With my elliptical re-assembled and the new treadmill delivered, I have two cardio options for in-home workouts, ponds and trails to walk, and a lot of stuff to set up for the house. I’m making some decent progress in increasing my daily activity level. Only one small hitch: the elliptical counts as next to no steps on my tracker no matter how hard I am working. So, my step count is down, but I am theoretically slightly more fit.