The Yellowstone Park Virtual Challenge takes you 120 km (75 mi) through an incredible range of landscapes and ecosystems — a paradise of mountains, rushing waterfalls, volcanic phenomena, and endangered species of animals.

Where is my mind at for this challenge? Mostly how much I am enjoying my new home.

  • Zen. Seriously, the fact that I can see our ponds from most windows in the house has done a world of good for bringing my stress level down. If I can see wood, water, and stone, I am in my happy place;
  • Wildlife sightings are through the roof:
    • Birds (turkey, turkey vulture, red tail hawk, owl (not sure which kind), Canada goose, mallard, great blue heron, green heron, killdeer, kingfisher, house finch, house sparrow, starling, blue jay, cardinal, Baltimore oriole, grackle, mourning dove, ruby-throated hummingbird); and
    • Animals (deer, muskrats, otter, snapping turtle, American toads);
  • Exercise opportunities:
    • The elliptical is re-assembled and I am regaining some strength and endurance;
    • The new treadmill has arrived, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, I can walk;
    • I have a lovely path system around the Talbot wetlands to visit easily; and
    • I am starting to explore the extensive network of parks, paths, and conservation lands around London;
  • A new area to explore:
    • It is 22 minutes between the two furthest apart points in London. We have criss-crossed it every which way and haven’t been able to exceed this time. I am told that rush hour downtown will blow that number out of the water, but I am really, really hoping to not have to test that theory;
    • Any trip downtown means we are 80% likely to drive under the Talbot Street Bridge, because I am utterly bemused by the idea of a bridge waging war on trucks since 1889, and winning every single time;
    • Popping up to Cowbell Brewing for a meal because it was the nearest charger we could see on the map and not because we were on our way to see a cousin up in salt mining country;
    • I got to see Schlockey Night in Canada with Kevin Smith out in Brantford, Ontario, which is an an acceptable distance away for an evening outing;
    • Watching Spider-man: Across the Multiverse at the Mustang drive in movie theatre, part of the same chain we loved in Oakville;
    • Going to see a play in Port Stanley, Ontario (also within day trip distance); and
    • Doing birdwatching walks in the area with Wild Birds Unlimited and other groups.


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